I’ve been looking forward to making the basket weave block since the beginning.  Probably because it’s the easiest! lol

The instructions I have call for cutting 4 strips of each fabric, each 1.5″ x 3.5″.  Knowing how I roll, that seemed like a recipe for disaster.  Besides, it’s a lot of extra steps.  So, here’s how I made mine:

Cut three strips of contrasting fabric, 1.5″ x 15″

2013-01-07 21.59.51



Create a stripset by sewing the strips together along the long seams, then press the seams,  I ended up pressing the seams of the center strip toward the outside.  My stripset measured 3.5″ x 15″.



2013-01-07 22.07.37




I squared up the ends and cut the stripset into 3.5″ segments.



2013-01-07 22.10.23




Here’s how I arranged my pieces.  Another way would be to rotate each piece 90 degrees to the right, giving it a completely different look.  I didn’t think to take a picture of that.


2013-01-07 22.14.12




And here’s my finished basket weave block.  I’m happy with it.