2013-01-07 22.44.27This pattern, traditionally, is a solid basket fabric on a print background.  Normally, I try to follow the rules, or tradition, but this time I really wanted to use this floral print as the basket, and when I was laying out fabrics, I just really liked the contrast between the floral and the dark green.  I was excited about how it would turn out!


2013-01-07 22.47.36

I really need to come up with a good name for these odd-shaped, almost rectangle pieces.  Wedge?  We’ll call it a Wedge.

I sewed a small green triangle to the end of each wedge, laying right sides together, laying the triangle with the long edge lining up with the angle of the wedge.  I chain stitched the two wedge/triangle pairs, then pressed toward the green.  So far so good!  Next I sewed the green rectangle to the long side of the wedge/triangle.

As I was working, I made sure to lay the pieces back where they belong so that I could make sure I was putting everything in its proper place.2013-01-07 22.55.07

Next I did the bottom of the basket.  Two basket triangles are sewed to the right and bottom edges of  a background square, forming a larger triangle.  Then I took the background triangle and laid it face down on the basket/background triangle, forming a square.  In fact, at this point, I had four mini-blocks, each 3.5″ square, which is just what I wanted.  I pressed the seams so that as I sewed the pieces together, the seams would nest up nicely.  With pins holding the seams, I placed the right blocks on top of the left, right sides together, chain stitched them.  I pressed the seams going opposite directions, nested the seams, and sewed the two halves together.

2013-01-07 23.02.36

Here’s my nearly finished block.  It’s missing a handle.  It’s also quite skeewampus.  Here’s why:

The fabric I used for the background is very light weight, much lighter weight than standard cotton.  It shifted and twisted and moved and with each new seam, it was looking worse and worse.  And the template for the handle is trapped in my computer until I get a new printer cartridge.

I love the FEEL of this block, with the floral on the green.  So I’ll be making this one again, with a heavier weight background fabric.  Darn.  Guess that means I need to go to the fabric store.