Every time I see the name of this quilt block all I hear in my head are the lyrics to a song from 1907:

~Oh the moon shines tonight on shiny bat wing~  which, of course should be RedWing.  Can’t help it.

I’ve been reluctant to tackle this block.  I didn’t like the pictures I’d seen, of black on grey, looking dismal and depressing.  But, I tackled it tonight and ended up liking it in the end.  Fabric choices make such a difference.2013-01-14 21.38.47

While I’ve been trying to find simpler ways to make some of these blocks, this one absolutely required the templates.  I think my next set of templates will have sandpaper on the back.  These, in particular, seemed to slip around quite a bit.  One thing I’m doing is measuring the templates and writing the measurements on the edges of them.

Once I cut out all the pieces, I made sure to lay them all out in order.  Knowing me, they’d get all jumbled and I’d end up with a bat with broken wings!2013-01-14 21.54.57


I decided to start in the middle and sewed the two rectangular background pieces to the center black square.  Initially, I pressed the seams to the center, but then decided to press the seams to one direction.

Next I tackled the “wing” portions.  I sewed the black triangle to th2013-01-14 22.01.09e light background triangle, matching the corners, and then pressed toward the dark.  I repeated this for the rest of the wing pieces.

Once the three rows were completed, I matched up the edges and sewed the center to the bottom row, then sewed it to the top row.  Et viola!  C’est un Bat Wing quilt block.  It finished up perfectly at 6.5″ square.

2013-01-14 22.11.05