2013-01-26 17.59.59

WOW!  Lots of broken dishes around here lately!

This block takes 3 templates and 3 fabrics.  Ah, symmetry.  And as with all things symmetrical, placement is key.

In reality, this block breaks down into three components:  2 large squares, 3 – 4 patches, and 4 HST units.  And it goes together like this…

2013-01-26 17.38.56

I decided the first thing to tackle would be the triangles.  Get those out of the way.  I chain stitched all four, pressed toward the dark, and laid them back in place.  Next I made the 4 patches by laying right pieces on top of left, right sides together, and then chain pieced the lot.  I pressed all the seams toward the darker fabric.  I laid them back out, with top pair face down on bottom pair, nested the seams, and chain pieced.  A little ironing and they were good to go.  After that, it really was just a matter of sewing each row together and then attaching them.  I know, I know, there are usually more photos than this.  The thing is, I got so wrapped up in sewing that I forgot to take pictures!  Wish I could convince my husband to come stand behind me and take pictures as I go.  It would certainly speed up the process!

Anyway, here is a larger picture of the finished Broken Sugar Bowl block.  Hopefully we’re done breaking dishes for awhile.

2013-01-26 17.59.59