I REALLY like this one!  I love the colors and the movement and can easily see the butterfly.  It’s great and I’ve been looking forward making it since I first saw it.  It uses just two colors, and one triangle (34), one rectangle (35) and one square (38).  Here’s how it plays out,

2013-02-03 18.18.46

I cut 8 triangles from both fabrics, 4 squares from the background fabric, 5 squares from the butterfly fabric, and 4 rectangles from the background fabric.  I used two charms to cut out the butterfly fabric.  There was a lot of waste, unfortunately, and no scraps big enough to do anything else with, which is a shame.


2013-02-03 18.25.34I started by sewing all the HSTs together.  Then I paired up one square with one HST, right sides together, and chain stitched the pairs.  Then being careful to nest the seams, I laid the top pair on top of the lower pair, sewed them together to make the four corner segments.


2013-02-03 18.34.13

Here you can see I sewed the background rectangles on the right and left sides of center to the bottom corner pieces.  Next, I sewed the top and bottom rectangles to the center square.  Finally, I sewed the top corner pieces to the lower corner segments.  This gave me three columns.  Being careful to match the seams, I sewed the left to the center segment, then the right segment to the center segment.

Et voila!  C’est un papillon.

2013-02-03 18.43.46