The Gentleman’s Fancy quilt block really reminds me quite a bot of the Cups and Saucers block.  And after the nightmare that was the Cut Glass Dish block, I needed something quick and easy to boost my quilting spirits.  And this was the perfect block to do it!  Cut Glass Dish took me well over an hour.  Gentleman’s Fancy took about 15 minutes.  Yeah, I’m happy.

IMG_0249This block was quick to cut out and just as quick to lay out.  I started in the center and sewed the top and bottom triangle to the center square, pressed the seams toward the triangles, then repeated the process with the left and right triangles.


IMG_0250Now it’s time to sew the triangles to the sides of the on point square.  When done, I have a square that is light/dark/light.  A good pressing with some Best Press and I’m ready to move on.


IMG_0251Next up are the wedges.  I actually like these pieces.  Following the same method as above, I sewed the wedges to opposite sides, pressed, then sewed the remaining two wedges to the remaining sides and pressed.


IMG_0252Next I started in one corner and attached a triangle, then just worked my way around the block until all four triangles were in place.  And that is how this quick and easy block is done!

Wish all the blocks were this easy.