Up in the aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Junior Birdman.

Up in the aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, the Birdman flies!

My mom used to sing that to me and my brothers.  Complete with all the hand motions.  It always made me giggle.  And from the first time I saw this block, that’s what always pops into my head when I look at it.  It doesn’t look like birds to me, but like a person gliding through the air.  Ok, maybe it’s just me.

2013-04-10 17.38.23The first thing I noticed is that it uses my favorite template: the dreaded #13.  A lot.  But, I’m learning to embrace this miniscule little triangle.  I’m learning that things work better if I use it than if I try not to.  Anyway, the “wings” of the birds require 16 little HSTs.  So I liked ’em up and chain stitched them, then pressed them toward the dark.


2013-04-10 17.43.54The “heads” of the birds are dark squares flanked by two light triangles.  I attached them to the right and bottom sides of each “head”.  I pressed toward the triangles.  This creates a large triangle.  I placed them right sides down on the large dark triangles, sewed them together to make large HSTs.  These I pressed to the dark side.  Now we have heads and bodies; just need wings.


2013-04-10 18.00.20I laid all my small HSTs in place and made sure the angles of the “wings” angle down  and away from the bird “bodies”.  I sewed these together in pairs, pressed them well, and laid them back in place.  I realized I had four columns: two wide and two narrow.  I sewed all the pieces together for each column, pressed them flat, and laid them back in place.


2013-04-10 18.06.10Sorry about the shadow on this one.  I sewed the narrow column to the wide one, using pins to match the seams.  I did this for both halves of the block, then sewed the halves together, taking care to match the seams.  When It was all sewn together and pressed, I took the time to square it up, and it looks pretty good.



2013-04-10 18.33.34And here we have my darting birds.  Not the bird in the lower right corner has a backwards wing.  I don’t care.  I took it apart and put it back together twice.  When I laid it out, it was fine.  Why it wasn’t when I sewed it together beats me.  But there you have it.


It takes five box tops.
Four box bottoms.
Three labels.
Two wrappers
And one thin dime.