Have you ever watched a mama duck with her ducklings?  She leads them here and there, in and out of the pond, teaches them everything they need to know.  Sometimes, though, they scatter hither and yon, and it takes her awhile to gather them back together.  In this block, I can see the mother duck trying to coax her wandering brood to come back to the shelter of her outstretched wings.

2013-04-13 17.33.31This block uses just two colors, and while there are triangles, there are none of the dreaded #13.  HOORAY!  For this one, I fussy cut a flower for the center square.



2013-04-13 17.58.05The first thing I did was sew the light and dark squares together in pairs.  Then I sewed the top and bottom pairs to the center square to form a strip of 5 squares, alternating dark, light, dark, light, dark.  Pay attention at this step and make sure the light squares are attached to the center dark square.  I did NOT pay attention and had to take the whole thing apart.  Twice.  Hmm… maybe I shouldn’t watch movies while sewing.


2013-04-13 18.04.04Next up are the corner units.  I placed the outermost light and dark triangles right sides together and sewed down the long sides.  I chain pieced them, so it went pretty quickly.  With this block, I chose to press all the seams open, and it worked out pretty well. 

After that, I sewed light triangles to either side of the dark triangle.  This created a light triangle with a smaller dark triangle in the center.


2013-04-13 18.09.39With the outer triangle segments sewn together, I placed them face down on top of the large dark triangles.  Being careful to line up the corners, I sewed the long sides together and pressed the seams open.  Place the corner units back in place, making sure to place the dark triangles pointing in.  I didn’t.  And had to change it.  Twice.  Did I mention I was watching a movie?  Yeah.  Gotta quit doing that.  Anyway, once you have it aligned right, sew the top left corner unit to the light/dark squares.  Then sew that to the bottom left corner unit.  Repeat on the right side.  Then sew the left side to the center strip, taking care to match the seams.  Then sew that to the right side.  Press well.

2013-04-13 18.47.03I took the time to square it up and really like the way it turned out.