When I think about the end of the day on the old Price homestead, I picture my grandfather sitting at the table, newspaper spread out, reading.  My grandmother washing up in the kitchen.  My father and his siblings sitting on the living room floor, doing their homework.  The light came from the fireplace or the kerosene lamps.  A few miles away, my Great Uncle Toad was sitting on the porch, rocking, listening to the cicadas thrumming, and Great Aunt Alpha was tatting more lace, or maybe she was hand piecing the double wedding ring quilt which no lives in my mother’s guestroom.  No one talked much, just enjoyed the quiet comfort that comes from being safe at home, with loved ones close by.

This block, when I looked at the pictures, looked complicated.  I don’t know why, but I did.  Then I laid it out and realized it really wasn’t!IMG_0440

This block uses three colors and three templates.  Two of those templates are 6 and 6R.  Thinking I’d be clever, I used 6 to cut out all the pieces.  Not being clever, I just folded a strip of fabric in fourths, laid the template over the top, and cut away.  Which means I got two pieces that I needed, and two that I couldn’t use.  I did this twice.  Apparently my puir wee head just couldn’t figure it out.  But, eventually I managed it, laid them all out.


My first inclination was to sew all the little triangles together in pairs.  Fortunately, Reason reared its head and pointed out I’d be dealing with Y seams if I did that.  So, instead, I laid a triangle on top of the wedge, right sides together, and chain pieced.  To keep it straight in my head, I did all of one color combination first, then the other.  After a thorough pressing, I had two sets of turnovers.


I laid the turnovers right sides facing, made sure the corners and the seams matched up, then sewed them together along the long side.  After a good pressing, I had four quarter blocks, each identical.  I laid them out so that the HSTs at the corner face out.  I sewed these together in pairs, then sewed the pairs together to make the block.  Quite honestly, even stopping to take pictures, it took longer to write this post than it did to sew this block.

IMG_0443I know the fabrics I used are a little busy, but I liked the combination anyway.  They just spoke to me.