After the 90 minutes it took me to make the Jackknife block, the 30 minutes it took for this one was a welcome change.  It went together so quickly and easily.  Love it!

2013-10-06 15.30.47For this block, I worked from the inside out.  The center square is a #1 template.  I chose a sage green with small brown floral sprigs.  Ideally, this same fabric should also be used for the outer corners, but I didn’t have enough of it.  Instead, I used a solid in the same shade of sage.  The center square is wrapped with two #25 and two #51.  Sew a #25 to opposite sides of the #1 square and press the seams.  Then sew a #51 to the other two sides.


2013-10-06 15.38.52Next up, we’re going to sew a #49 to each of the four sides of the center unit.  When complete, you should have a three color octagon.  Press the seams to the outside.  We’re in the home stretch.

Sew each of the #3 triangles to the corners, creating a finished block.  Press the seams to the darker fabric.


2013-10-06 15.41.44The finished block is quit stunning, I think.  I chose to use fabrics that wouldn’t normally go together, but I like the contrast it creates.