When I first saw this block, I thought it would be great for a fussy cut middle.  Then I really looked at it, and realized my math skills aren’t good enough to figure out how to replace the four center triangles with a square.  Besides, I have plenty of blocks where I’ve fussy cut.

Sometimes when I make block, I can just pick fabrics and run with it.  Sometimes, though, I just can’t get past the colors in the book.  Such was the case with this one.  It uses three fabrics and templates 4, 7, 26, and 45

2014-01-07 00.13.13First off, I laid out all the pieces so I could get a feel for the best way to proceed.  I initially thought I’d start at the outside and work my way in, but at the last minute decided to start from the center.  I took the small, center #7 triangles and laid them face down on top of the #45 pieces, along the short side of the #45.  I chain stitched all four pieces, then pressed the seams.  On this one, I initially pressed all the seams to the dark side.  Later, I went back and pressed two of them to the #45 and two of them to then #26.  I did this so I could nest the seams later on.



2014-01-11 18.13.36Next, I chain pieced the dark and light red #26 triangles together, and pressed the seams to the dark side.  After that, I sewed the right dark/light wing to the side of the corner #4 squares, then pressed the seams toward the dark side.  I followed this up by repeating the process with the left light/dark wing.

Once this process is complete, there are  two triangle pieces for each quadrant of the block.


2014-01-11 18.21.50

To complete the four quadrants, I laid the inner triangles on top of the outer triangles and chain stitched them.  I pressed the seams to the dark #45.

When I had them all pressed flat, I examined the seams and did some re-pressing so that I could get them to nest.  I laid the top right quadrant face down on the top left quadrant and stitched them together.  I repeated this for the bottom two quadrants, then pressed the seams in opposite directions.  Taking care to match the seams, I placed the top facedown on the bottom and stitched the center seam, then pressed the whole thing flat.


2014-01-11 18.44.13I may redo this block with blues and yellows, or maybe with reversed values so that the center is dark and the inner frame is light.  We’ll see if I actually do it.