I stitched the Old Windmill block, giving it all of my attention and not thinking about any of the other blocks until I was done with it and started looking at the next block.  Which, since I’d already done the Ozark Maple Leaf, was Peace and Plenty.  As soon as I started looking at the pattern, I realized the basic construction of these two blocks are primarily the same: 16 HSTs.  The difference in the blocks are the arrangement of the HSTs and the number of colors used.

2014-01-11 19.32.43In both blocks, I laid the contrasting fabrics of the HSTs right sides together so that when I was ready to sew them together, they were already lined up and ready to go.  Because I cut them out this way, I didn’t bother to lay the block out first.  In fact, I didn’t even worry about chain stitching them in any particular order.  After I stitched them all, I pressed the seams open.  I’ve found, through trial and error, that the more seams there are in any particular block the more it benefits from having the seams pressed open.




The old windmill is constructed of two complete pinwheels, 2 half pinwheels, and 4 HSTs.  After all the HSTs are pressed open, spend some time arranging and rearranging the pieces until you have the layout you like.

2014-01-11 19.47.58Start with the complete pinwheels.  Make sure all of the blades of the pinwheels are spinning the right way.  Lay right sides face down on left sides, matching the diagonal seams, and sew down the right side.  Press the seams, then place the top facedown on the bottom, us pins to hold the seams in place, and stitch, then press the seams.

Place the two complete pinwheels right sides together, taking care to match the seams, and stitch and press.



2014-01-11 20.06.45Sew the two halves of the half pinwheels together and press the seams.  Sew one HST to either side of the half pinwheel, creating a strip consisting of 4 HSTs, with the blades alternating, pointing to upper left, lower left, and the other, similar strip, pointing upper right, lower right.

To assemble the block, lay the top strip face down on the top edge of the completed pinwheels, using a lot of pins to line up the seams and old them in place while stitching.  Then lay the bottom strip face down on the bottom edge of the completed pinwheels and repeat.  Press open the seams and give the whole block a final press.


2014-01-11 23.04.23The four corners of the Peace and Plenty block consist of four identical almost pinwheels.  Three of the blades follow each other the way you’d expect for a pinwheel,  The fourth blade, however, is turned the opposite way.  This results in having a wide dark triangle on one side and a wide light triangle on the side immediately to the right of it.

When the four quadrants are complete, arrange them so the top right has the dark triangle on the top edge, then rotate the next block 90 degrees to the right and place it in the bottom right corner.  Rotate the next one another 90 degrees and place it in the bottom left corner.  Rotate the last block another 90 degrees and place it in the top left corner.

Place the right blocks on top of the left, right sides together, and sew along the right edge.  Press the seams open, then place the top face down on the bottom, sew the long seam together and press open.

2014-01-11 20.24.57 2014-01-11 23.51.18The end result is two blocks that look nothing alike, but each is striking and unique.