When I looked at this block, I decided whoever named it must have meant many peaceful (frustrating, annoying, interminable) hours would be spent putting it together, since it has so many pieces.  And so many of them are little.  Then I laid it out and started looking at the composition and realized it wasn’t going to as hard as I thought.  Don’t get me wrong; it still took about an hour to complete.  The best part of this block was it presents another opportunity for a fussy cut.  I really wanted to use a particular charm square for the center, but I didn’t have another block that color to make the outside corner pieces.  Then I realized I could make it work!  I folded the charm in quarters, lined up the #7 template on the outside corner and cut it off.  Then I laid the remainder flat, centered the #69 template where I wanted it and trimmed away the rest.

2014-01-12 13.33.08The first thing I did was sew the tiny little #68 triangles to the four diagonal sides of the #69, turning an octagon into a nice little square.




2014-01-12 13.52.06This has some tricky pieces, specifically #66/#66R, which is joined with #68 triangles and #67/67R long triangles.  In order to keep myself from getting confused (a state easily achieved for me) I laid a #68 tiny triangle (honestly, these make the dreaded #13 look big) on the short side of the #66 and chain stitched and pressed.  I repeated this for the #66R.  And I repeated it again with the #67/67R on the long side of the #66.  Once assembled, I refer to these as star points.




2014-01-12 14.04.01Pins will come in handy when you line up the left and right star points.  Be careful to match the seams so that points line up well.  Not all of mine did.  Probably should have taken the time to fix the one that didn’t, but I didn’t.

Before going any further, take a minute or two to sew together the HSTs that make the corner pieces, and press the seams.

Sew two HSTs to either side of the top and bottom star point pairs, so that the dark fabric points to the outside.  Sew the left and right star point pairs to either side of the center unit, creating three rows.

Use all the pins you need to pin the top row to the middle row.  There are more seams to match up than you might imagine, and if they don’t match up right, it’s VERY noticeable.  Mine didn’t at first, and I took it apart to fix it.

2014-01-12 14.33.02Mine isn’t perfect, butI like the way it turned out anyway.  I’m considering doing it again, this time in reds.  I think it would benefit from having the center, and the outside corners, be a more vibrant color.  What do you think?