The word Periwinkle always makes me smile.  Has since the 4th grade.  See, we were studying the Pilgrims and our teacher handed out art paper and crayons, had us draw pilgrims.  I come from a long line of artists.  My great-grandfather ran away from home to become an artists.  My grandfather used his artistic skills to design and build a taco shell cooker and a fantastic trout spinner fly, and to send gorgeous illustrations of the North African desert home during WWII.  My mother put herself through med school so she could be a Medical Illustrator, and her water colors rivaled those of Ian Ramsey.  I, on the other hand, draw bad stick figures.  But that day, my hands knew exactly what to do.  It was the best drawing I’d ever done.  In fact, some of my classmates asked me to draw their pilgrims.  But none of those looked as good.  She had a pretty face, lovely, wavy blonde hair.  And a dress of periwinkle blue.

Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company made a great tutorial for a periwinkle block quilt.  It’s a gorgeous quilt, and a great way to use scraps.  And maybe one of these days I’ll make a full sized periwinkle quilt!  For now, though, I’m contenting myself with the periwinkle block.

2014-01-15 21.55.45This block uses #61/61R triangles and #70 diamonds.  And the assembly is quick and easy.  In fact, so quick and easy I made it two ways:  with a light background and with a dark background.

With the pieces laid out, I placed the #61 on top of the #70, lining up the short side if the triangle with the long side of the diamond, then chain stitched and pressed.  This block absolutely benefits from having the seams pressed open.  Repeat with the other triangle, stitching it to he other side of the diamond.

2014-01-15 22.18.03Now there are four turnover shapes.  Making sure to use one of each color, pair them up, right sides together, and sew along one side.  I chose one color to be on top so I could make sure the two halves came out the same.  I used pins to help me match up the points as well as the seams and hold everything in place while I stitched.

2014-01-15 22.33.382014-01-15 22.33.32I think I like the darker block the best, but they’re both lovely and I really like this block.