For as long as I can remember, my mother has been a morning person.  Up at the crack of dawn, going for fast-paced three mile walks, feeding ducks, working in the garden, and generally getting a head start on her day.  I am not, by nature, a morning person.  I like the glory of watching a sunrise, but I often wonder why it can’t happen at a reasonable hour.  Say… 10:30!  On the other hand, as a photographer, I recognize that one of the best times to take photos is in the morning, starting about 20 minutes before sunrise and going for about an hour after, sometimes two.  The light is crisp and sharp and the colors are so strong and true.  It’s a magical, breathtaking time of day.

With the right colors, and the right skill set, this block can be breathtaking, too.

2013-10-29 23.16.14Using a #25 rectangle and a #20 triangle, make four house shapes out of the medium color.  Press your seams and then lay them back in place around the center #1 square.

Attach a right and let #13 dark triangle to either side of two of the house shapes, kind of like wings.

Sew the other two house shapes to opposite sides of the #1 square.  This, by the way, is a great chance for a fussy cut.  After a good press, attach the winged houses to the remaining sides of the center square, taking care to match the seams.  The center of the block is now finished.  Next up: star points.

2013-10-29 22.46.02Sew a #13 triangle to the right of each #19 square.  Then sew a #20 triangle the other side of the #13 triangle.  This is the top portion of your star point.

For the bottom portion, sew the short side of a #20 triangle to the long side of the #13 triangle.  Then sew the remaining #13 triangle to the other, short sides together.

Taking care to match the seams, sew the top portion to the bottom portion to complete the star point.  Make four of these.


2013-10-29 23.43.28Finally, taking care to match the seams and triangle points of the blue in the star points and the blue in the center portion of the block, sew the star points to the block.

I like this block so much, I think I’ll do it again, in a different arrangement of colors.  Something to celebrate the brightness of morning.