Every mother dreams.  Dreams of how her home will be.  Dreams of her children, how many, what they’ll be like.  Dreams are filled with sunlight, hope, and promise.  I have Almost Children.  Six of them.  Five boys and 1 girl, belonging to three different sets of parents.  I am not their biological mother, but they live in my mother’s heart, and while their hopes and dreams for the future may change with every passing year, my dreams for them remain unchanged:  That they may find happiness.  That they may be content in their career paths.  That they may find love to sustain them.  That they may have children who fill them with joy.

2013-10-30 17.23.16Because this block lends itself so well, I took the time to fussy cut the #60 center square, then used a complimentary instead of identical fabric for four of the #59 rectangles.

Sew together 1 light and 1 medium #59 rectangle to make a square.  Make four of these, and press the seams.  To the light half of the square attach a #7 dark triangle, making 4 little house shapes.



2013-10-30 17.39.20Sew two house units to opposite sides of the center #60 square. press everything nice and flat.

Sew a #12 dark triangle to opposite sides of of the two remaining house units, creating large triangle units.

Use pins to hold everything in place while you match up the seams.  Sew the large triangle units to either side of the center strip.  Press it flat.



2013-10-30 17.45.57The progression of colors, per the pattern, is dark outside, light center, and medium around the center square.  Because of the fabrics I selected, I put medium in the center with the light rectangles around it.  Personally, I think the block is very striking the way it turned out.