I have a friend who is the most amazing photographer.  Over the course of three years, she traveled the length of Highway 89 from Canada and Mexico, time and again, taking pictures and making friend, hearing stories and then recording them and ultimately publishing them in a gorgeous book.  Check it out!

A few years after publishing her book, Ann and her husband decided to explore a new adventure:  an cider farm in rural Utah.  A cider farm, I have come to learn, is a farm with an assortment of apple tree varieties growing in orchards and pressed (juiced) to make cider.  While I don’t drink alcohol, I do like apple juice and one of these days I’m going to show up on Ann’s doorstep and ask for a sample.  It also helps that she’s right outside a national park, meaning I can get lots of great photographs while I’m in the neighborhood.

When I saw the name of this block, Ann and her orchard popped into my head, and I kept her in mind the whole time I was stitching it.  And I LOVE the way it turned out!

2014-01-26 15.25.59This is a combination of #1 squares and #20 triangles.  Sew together one one #20 light and one #20 dark triangle together, repeat.  Press the seams to the dark side, then place them right sides together, nesting the seams and sew them together to make the center hourglass square for the block.





2014-01-26 15.41.39Next up, sew two rows of dark/light/dark squares.  Press the seams toward the outside.

For the center row, sew light/hourglass/light squares together and press the seams toward the middle.

Nesting the seams, pin the top row to the middle and press, then sew the bottom row to the middle and press.



2014-01-26 15.46.25And just that quickly, your orchard is complete.  I love the simplicity of this block.  But what I really love is that I’ll think of my friend Ann, her intrepid spirit, her wonderful book, and her practical cider orchard outside a gorgeous national park in Utah.