6527These are my cats, Zoe (black and white) and Tidbit (grey tabby).  Sadly, neither of them is still with me.  I acquired Zoe when she was about 4 weeks old.  Her feral mother had taken up residence in my carport and when she had kittens, she took them up into the attic crawl space.  It was about 100 degrees outside, so I can only imagine what it was in the attic!  Worried about the kittens, my husband crawled through the insulation and rescued three of the four, all hissing and spitting and puffed up as big as they could be.  Which wasn’t very big at all.  Even though she was the smallest, Zoe got between us and her brothers, determined to protect them.  In just a few days, she decided she liked us.  When she was itty bitty, she would sit on my foot when I was getting ready for work, or curl up on my pillow and nuzzle my ear when I went to bed.  She was with me 17 years.

Tidbit was dropped on my parents’ doorstep late on the night of July 3rd.  He was adorable and already housebroken.  When I showed up the next day, my parents told me to take the kitten, or they’d have to send him to the shelter (with all the threats that implied).  I left the decision to my husband, who said we had enough cats.  He played with the kitten all day.  When it came time to leave, I didn’t say a thing.  He looked at me and said, “Oh, fine!” as if I’d been pressuring him all day.  The kitten was such a little thing, my parents had named him Tidbit, and it stuck.  Bits lived to be 16, and left us on Christmas Day, 2012.

At no point in all those years did I ever see either of them in the corner!

This block reminds me of Churn Dash and Wrench.  But it’s an adorable block with lots of possibilities, depending on the fabrics used.

2014-01-31 08.01.53This block gives you another opportunity to fussy cut.  I stumbled across this fabric and fell in love with the richness of the colors.  I also chose to fussy cut the inner halves of the HST units to tie the theme together.  I was fortunate to find coordinating fabric with a directional ribbon look to it for the sides.

To start, sew the HST units together and press the seams flat.  I’ve found that pressing them flat rather than pressing to one side save distortion.

Once the HSTs are done, the block goes together REALLY quickly!


2014-01-31 08.07.12Sew one HST unit to either end of a side.  Sew the remaining side pieces to the center piece.  Give all your seams a good press and trim up the center piece, if needed, to make sure everything stays square.

From here, match the seams and sew the side units to the center units.  Press the seams and then press the whole block well.  Square it up and you’re done!




2014-01-31 08.10.47For me, this one finished right at 6 1/2″.  In fact, it looked so small, I thought I’d have to redo it.  And it had me measuring, trimming all my blocks.  Some of them were so out of measurement I had to remake a number of them.  And it gave me the impetus I needed to get the rest of my blocks made.