My mother always had the most amazing garden!  Rhubarb and leaf lettuce in the summer, hundreds of tulips in the early spring, and in the back corner, a large area she called her “English Country Garden.”  Snapdragons, columbines, sweet william and a host of other flowering plants living together in a happy, chaotic jumble, all under the shade of a large weeping willow.  The rest of my mother’s garden, yard, house, and life were all so carefully organized, with everything in it’s place.  But I know she enjoyed the randomness of the back corner.  How do I know this?  She confided to me one day.  To be honest, it’s my favorite part of the yard as well.  The colors of the flowers are all soft and range from pinks to blues to purples to yellows.  I’ve tried to photograph it, but it is truly something that must be experienced.  Even though the overall affect is that of complete randomness, I know that there is a method to the madness, and that that kind of jumble still has to have a plan in order for it to work.

That’s important to remember with this block.  Just because the selected colors go together doesn’t mean they will work well together if they’re in the wrong order.  I discovered this when I made my block.  I laid out four colors and arranged them in color order and was pleased with the result.  Until I sewed it together, and realized I really, REALLY didn’t like the results.  I quickly rearranged the colors and stitched it again.  Much better.  Also, in the interest of full disclosure, except for the starting squares, I didn’t use the templates.  Instead, here’s what I did.

2014-01-31 09.08.39Choosing the first to colors, I used the #4 template to cut two squares, one from color 1 (center) and one from color 2.  I sewed them together and pressed the seam.  Then I measured the length and cut a piece of #2 to length and sewed it across the top edge, and pressed.





2014-01-31 09.11.53I repeated this process for colors 3 and 4, until I had a completed block.






2014-01-31 09.22.59And realized I wanted the yellow I’d used for color #4 to really be the starting point.  So I made it again.






2014-01-31 09.34.18Someday (soon) I’ll have my own house and yard and garden.  And I’m totally going to make my own English Country Garden with a rainbow of flowers.