Ribbons.  I have nothing at all to say about ribbons.  No witty anecdotes, no life experiences.  Nothing.  So we’ll jump right into construction, then, shall we?

2014-01-31 23.17.13This block has 8 diamond shapes (4 of each ribbon color) and 16 triangle pieces in a background color.  To keep myself from screwing it up (unheard of, I know), I laid it all out.  I chose to use two shades green for the ribbons.





2014-01-31 23.34.43I sewed the background triangles to either side of each ribbon piece, long side of triangle to long side of ribbon.  By adding these little wings, I ended up with 8 rectangles.

After pressing the seams (I pressed them open to avoid distorting the fabric), I matched the seams and sewed them together in pairs, light to dark, and pressed them well.  This created four quarters of the block.  I then sewed these together in pairs and gave them a good press.  Watch those seams, peeps!  They’re tricky!



2014-01-31 23.47.53Now take the two halves and match them up so that the zigzags go opposite each other, with the center points meeting in the middle.  One more really good press and there you are.  One finished ribbon block.  I may remake this one with different colors.  It’s kind of fun!