My entire life, I have always loved the changing of the seasons.  That first day that’s so hot there’s no doubt it’s summer and time to go run through sprinklers.  The first splotches of red on the Wasatch mountains heralding the beginning of autumn.  The first snowflake that let’s you know winter and the magical holiday season is right around the corner.  My favorite, though, has always been spring.  Crocus pushing up through the snow.  Daffodils bright and cheerful.  Birdsong welcoming the morning.  All of it.  April showers, May flowers.  New life!  It’s fantastic and I never tire of it.

2014-02-05 22.54.37This block couldn’t be simpler to make.  In fact, I got so carried away making it, I forgot to take pictures along the way.  Sorry, gang.

Using 1 fabric, cut four # 72 house shapes.  Sew a #12 triangle to either side of two of the houses, like wings.  Or, to continue the house theme, turn your traditional house into an A-Frame.

Take the other two houses and sew them to either side of the center #73 square.  Press all the seams so they can be nested.  Example:  press the seams of the 72-73-72 strip toward the center and press the seams of the winged houses to the outside.



2014-02-05 23.01.04Using pins to hold everything in place, match up the seams and sew the winged houses to either side of the center strip.  A thorough pressing, a moment to square it up, and it’s all done.

If I were more clever with color layout, it might be fun to make a four seasons quilt with this block, using graduated colors from winters greys and blues all the way through to autumns reds, golds, plums and browns.  Would love to see how that would turn out.