I wasn’t sure I would like this block.  It looked a little wonky to me.  And in the back of my mind I secretly wanted it to be a double wedding ring.  I’ve always wanted to learn how to make that quilt.  Maybe someday I will.  But once I got started on this one, it started to grow on me.  And I discovered, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!

2014-02-07 20.12.42I started with the corner square in a square units.  I sewed the long side of a #13 triangle to one side of the #21 square, and repeated the process on the opposite side.  I pressed the seams open, then repeated the process with the remaining two sides.  Another quick press, and the corner units are done.





2014-02-07 20.21.15The next step is even easier than the first.  Sew a dark #25 to a light #25, along the long side, and press the seams either open or to the dark side.

Starting at the top row, sew a corner unit to either side of the rectangle unit.  For the center row, it’s rectangle, center square, rectangle unit.  The bottom row should be the same as the top row.  Press the seams, then sew the rows together, taking care to match the points of all the light pieces as they form a circle.


2014-02-07 20.37.17This could make a very interesting quilt, especially if you don’t sash between the blocks.  I have the feeling some secondary curves would occur.  I may have to check into that.