I spent my early childhood in Georgia.  Snow isn’t a usual thing.  When I was 12, we moved to Utah.  Our first winter in Utah, there was a LOT of snow!  In fact, our first snow storm, my brothers and I bundled up in coats, hats, scarves snowboots and mittens.  We discovered that snow sticks to knit mittens.  And then melts and soaks through and makes fingers cold.  None of that, however, stopped us from having an epic snowball fight.  In the middle of it, my youngest brother who was 6 at the time, went inside.  My either brother and I couldn’t figure out why.  A couple minutes later, he came back out, all white body and spindly arms and legs, flailing madly as he flung himself into a large snow drift.  He was stark naked.  When asked why, he said he wanted to know what it felt like.  It’s one of my favorite memories.

2014-02-07 20.50.46 This block is quick and easy and is made of HSTs in the corners and squares.

Sew the light and dark #3 triangles together to make HST units.  Gently press the seams to avoid distorting them.

For the first row, sew HST, dark #1 square, and HST together, with the dark half of the HST next to the square.  Repeat for the bottom row.  For the center row, sew a dark #1 square to either side of the light #1 square.

Finally, sew the three rows together, taking care to match the seams.  A final pressing and it’s all done.




2014-02-07 21.05.00This snowball is almost as fast to make as the real thing.  But this one won’t melt through your mittens and freeze your fingers!