My ex-husband had a spider fetish.  He had a pet tarantula for a couple of years.  It was fascinating to watch, in a bizarre, nightmarish sort of way.  It was huge, ate crickets, and generally freaked me out.  I know that, unless provoked, the tarantula will not bite people.  Didn’t make me want to hold it, though!

This block reminded me of my that damned spider.  I kind of like the way it looks, but it’s a scary block just the same.  Lots of little pieces, lots of chances for distortion.  When pressing the seams, finger press them open, then lay the iron straight down on it and give it a hit of steam, then lift off the iron and move on.  I had to make this block twice because the first one turned out too skeewampus.  Damned spiders, anyway.

2014-02-07 21.58.36The diagonal pieces of the block make up the legs, in pairs.  For the Right leg, sew a #85 triangle to a #77 dark.  Sew a #77 light onto that, then a #78.

For the Left leg, it’s exactly the same except you’re using #77R instead of #77.

Carefully matching up the seams, sew the right and left sides together and press the center.

Repeat for the remaining three pairs of legs.




2014-02-07 22.27.34Now to put it all together.  Sew a #15 triangle to opposite sides of the right and left pairs of legs.  Sew the top and bottom pairs of legs to opposite sides of the #4 center square.

Sew a triangle/leg/triangle unit to either side of the center leg unit, press well.






2014-02-07 22.39.28Be careful squaring it up as it’s easy (for me, anyway) to get off center.

Despite my fear of spiders large or small, I do like the way this one turned out.  Not in a rush to make it again, though.