Have you ever been walking in the woods and seen a large spiderweb?  I love finding them, especially early in the morning with dew glistening on them.  They’re so delicate and intricate.  They fascinate me.

2014-02-08 13.42.16This block is made of wedge pieces that, honestly, remind me of candy corn, especially if you use an orange and a light color.  Which I did.

Sew together one #54 and one #87 to form a candy corn shape.

Next, sew a #88 to the top edge of a #86, then sew a #7 triangle to the top of the #88.  Press well.  I put my shapes into two piles





2014-02-08 13.57.05Using pins to match up the seams, lay the pieces right sides together and sew together in pairs.

Next, sew the pairs together in pairs, making two halves of the block.






2014-02-08 14.05.12Lastly, sew the two halves together to make the full block.  You need to be really careful to match up the seams to make sure your center points meet neatly.  Mine don’t, but I decided they were close enough to suit me.  Looking at the picture, though, I’m not so sure.

I wonder if a really spider web is out of perfect symmetry…