Colores Sunburst

The pattern for this quilt is called COLORES, and I just knew the Southwest feel of it would be perfect for my best friend’s 20th anniversary present.  Her anniversary was in April, and I finished this up in September.  Fortunately, she and her husband were very understanding and patient.


The original pattern called for all the blocks to butt up against each other.  I tried that, and the blocks all blurred together, so I chose to sash them with a narrow strip of black, with a 6″ black border around the outside.  This made all the difference!  The sashing method I used allowed me to quilt each block individually.  This required a bit of forethought, as I also chose to make a sunburst on the back.COLORES Back (2)

Once I got going on the quilting/assembling aspect, I decided that black border needed some jazzing up, so I created four different squash blossom blocks, using leftover fabrics from the quilt itself. COLORES cornerstones

COLORES Cornerstone





All in all, I’m really proud of  how this quilt turned out.  As with all my quilts, I wish I’d had a better skill set before I tackled it, but each quilt is a learning experience and I’m grateful for each one.  My friend and her husband love it, and wasted no time putting it on their bed, which means the world to me.


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