Dad’s HQ

Dad’s favorite holiday is Halloween.  He starts planning weeks ahead, decorates the house in and out, and makes sure he has enough Jack-o-lanterns to set on top of all his fence posts, making their home especially inviting to hobgoblins and witches of every age, shape, and size.

In early autumn, dad saw this quilt hanging in a local fabric store and bought all the fabric for it on the spot, withhelp from mom, who chose the back with the polka dots.

2012-10-11 21.33.18

I wish I’d taken a closeup of the detail work on the center panel, but apparently I didn’t even think of it.  Because I was working with a center panel, the top went together in about an hour, and that includes 2 borders.  Another hour to get it layered and pinned, and several hours spent on the quilting.  All told, I think it’s about a 10 hour quilt.

I hand quilted around the owl and the bats, as well as the details in the Man in the Moon’s face.  Then I machine quilted around the witches and the trees.  I “stitched in the ditch” between the Happy Halloween blocks at the top and the bottom.  Here you can see I stitched 1/4″ in from the triangular shapes at the top and bottom of the panel,2012-10-11 21.33.59


For the two borders, I used variegated orange thread and just did a random FMQ of loops and swirls.

I was concerned about how the back would look.  However, since this is more of a decorative piece, Dad said the back looked Just fine.  And it really did.

2012-10-11 21.33.30

This quilt was fun to make and a fun decorative item to have around at Halloween.  I’m glad Dad liked it and asked me to make it.

By the way, this was my first commissioned piece.


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